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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Anne Elizabeth Moore is so F'n Cool

In case you needed a reminder about how awesome non-consumer culture is, or how necessary, here is a link to the link to the interview with Anne Elizabeth Moore, former editor of Punk Planet and the Best American Comics series, as well as all-around awesome woman, and now a hero of mine.

I'd link to the interview directly, but I'm all about spreading the gospel of Stay Free!, which is no longer a magazine, but still hosts one of my favorite blogs to check in with every month or so. They are such sensible, wild people. They also sponsored this, which means they can never do anything to make me dislike them ever again. Seriously, Carrie McLaren, come pull my hair and kick my shins. I don't mind a bit. (Rick Prelinger is on their board, btw.)

Anne Elizabeth (which are my middle name and my mother's middle name, respectively), will be in Cambodia until pretty much January 08. After that, I might ask her to come talk at Pratt about not selling out in the library if she happens to be in NYC.

Side note: Since reading this interview, I have come across a ton of great books by her publisher, The New Press, though none spring immediately to mind. I've just been noticing.