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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

State of the Art

Check this out from the lecture in my art librarianship class. I have included some highlights. Be sure to peruse DSpace and the UW Digital Collection--it is computer magic, my friends. The U-Dub has actually started tagging wikipedia entries to bring searchers back to their website. Check out Salmon (appropriately) at the bottom for the reference.
Oh, man, we should hang out sometime.

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Kate said...

The bottom line is that there’s nothing like standing in front of a Rothko or a German 17th-century enameled wine glass or a Precolumbian ceramic figurine — being in the presence of the object still has no substitute.

Wholeheartedly agree. I work at MoMA** part-time (I'm a volunteer in the Visitor Services Department) and I still am in awe of some of these great artworks that I get to see more frequently than most. The Martin Puryear show opened this weekend, and I happened to get a glance at one of the larger sculptures in the 2nd floor atrium during a shift change. Blew my mind.

** PS - Pratt students get into the MoMA for free with their student ID, but I can always hook you up with staff guest tickets too.