the library is the arsenal

Friday, October 19, 2007


Forgot about this paragraph in Sexy L, until proofing just now:

"Audrey regaled her female co-workers with horror stories of the swampiness of New York heat waves as an attempt to diffuse the jibber jabber threatening to pick apart the rich stock of romantic details she was now holding to herself. The tactic was quite obviously accounting for a certain frustration among the constituency of the library’s staff area, especially in the cataloging department, where discussion of Audrey’s date seemed to be transforming marc records into something entirely more epic. Librarians were just as in to dirt as Ladies Who Lunch—they were just more inclined to draw parallels to classic referents. Audrey could tell that several women were just dying to whip out a quote suited especially for her, undoubtedly from either Lady Chatterley’s Lover or Portrait of a Lady."

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a. billey said...

oh so true. so true.